Where is my wool? Business Loans

  Where is my wool? Business Loans   Youtuber: Welcome, Monday. Let's make the most of it. The theme of today, for the whole month: Where is the wool for my business?Have you ever gone to borrow, who do we ask? To the mother, to the father, to the relatives,...

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Benefits of Being a Volunteer

Benefits of Being a Volunteer It gives you the opportunity to practice and develop your social skills Improve your chances of employability You show that you can commit to a good cause Not afraid to accept challenges Help them help you- build...

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Hispanic E-Commerce on Facebook

Hispanic E-Commerce on Facebook In this era of technology and globalization, where the world has become a global village, almost everyone has access to social media networks and the most common one is Facebook. Also, the trend of E-Commerce is increasing...

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Feria de Salud gratis este Martes 17 Marzo

1 de cada 3 estadounidenses está en riesgo de desarrollar diabetes tpo 2. Únase a nosotros el 27 de Marzo para una FERIA DE SALUD GRATIS y tome la Prueba de Riesgo de Diabetes Tipo 2. En menos de 60 segundos, sabrá si está en riesgo de...

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Your website in one hour

WEBINAR CREATE YOUR WEBSITE 24 FEB Saturday 11 am    Your Website for less than one hour with Armando Ehrenzweig We make your life easy. With an investment of $ 12, have your website ready in less than an hour. A simple course for beginners. Location Online...

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The Volunteer Challenge

INTRODUCTION Now I can tell that Human Resources is an amazing topic. Coming from the Entrepreneur world, where everything goes to the same person. HR is a new experience. Now I see how important it is to build a team for your organization. One...

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We wanted to do everything ourselves

We wanted to do everything ourselves   Hi, my name is Chris Angulo with C&S Patio Covers. We established our business in June 2015. I remember that when we started, we wanted to do everything ourselves. We went from not knowing that we’re going to have...

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