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Our Mission: 

Improve economic opportunities and Eliminate Poverty in Latino Communities thru Entrepreneurship,

We are creating a new generation of Latino business owners to make new Latino generations sustainable.

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About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Get in Motion Entrepreneurs is a Nonprofit organization whose purpose is to create a new generation of Latino Leaders to create sustainable communities. We educate and provide business tools and resources for the development of entrepreneurs and small business owners in the greater Coachella Valley region and Riverside County. With years of experience in education and outreach particularly with the Latino community, we work with highly underserved small business populations in the language of their preference: Español.

At the end, we are not looking to create millionaires. We are looking to create a new generation of Latino Business Owners that creates sustainable communities.

Our Entrepreneurship Model

Our program has encompased four areas of entrepreneurship:

Access to Capital

Getting a business loan has never been easy when it is your fist loan. Latino at a national level are having a hard time to inyect money to their business. 

Now more than ever, we have nonprofits helping small businesses to get first business loans and help available during pademmic times.

Starting a Small Business

We will always have new aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. Latino Women have been leading start ups in United Stated. We need to keep helping minorities to succeed in business.

Online Technology

Business owners are constaly dealing with changes in their industries. On top of that,  online technology keeps growing at a fast phase leaving behing a lot of small businesses. We need to support entrepreneurs that do not have the capacity or support to take their businesses online.


Latino are social by nature. However, it not easy for Latinos to adapt to the American Networking Business Culture. Meetings, Mixers, Resources, Meeting, and more is not always pleasend for latinos.

We need to support latinos to enbrace an engage in business activities such as business expos, business events and business trainings.

Our Popular Services

How our services help

Entrepreneurship vs Poverty

Our Programs

Seminars and Webinars

Entrepreneurs love to attend live and online business seminars in spanish.

Our live events can attract up to 300 people to out expos and business talks.

Our webinars are always accesible online and can be reached from all over the worlds with our website and youtube channel.


Since COVID-19 hit our lives, we have been adapting day by day to make sure we deliver business education to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Online streaming has been a great way to keep in touch with entrepreneurs looking for spanish material. Or weekly episodes are reaching latinos all over the world.

Technical Assistance 

Latino Entrepreneurs can take advance or our free business coaching sessions. It is not easy for Latino business owners to ask for help. It has been a challenge and a barrier for them.

With coaching with can help and understand better their needs. Business Coaching offers business owners a safe and comfortable space to talk about their business challenges.

Real Testimonials

Cleen LLC

America Lopez is a true warrior. With humble beginnings she thrives every day to succeed in business.

CS Patio Covers

Chris and Connie are a couple of young entrepreneurs. They quickly understood that having a business was the way to achieve prosperity.

Miles Stones

  • 2011 Get in Motion Entrepreneurs Starts as a Sole Proprietor
  • Over 5,000 in person attended to our seminars since 2011
  • Over 100 live seminars since 2011
  • Average 45 people at our live events


  • 2017 We become a Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
  • 2017 (750+) Annual live events Attendees
  • 2018 Mixer Latino reach 300 people
  • 2019 Our live seminar get over 230 attended
  • 2020 Over 200K plays on our YouTube Channel
  • 2020 We Launch our Spanish Business Podcast

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