Brief Story of Get in Motion Entrepreneurs

Once upon a time, in the early 2000s, Armando Ehrenzweig found himself struggling to grow his own ventures as a new entrepreneur. Faced with this challenge, he realized there was a lack of Spanish programs and support tailored to individuals like him. Recognizing an opportunity to serve the Latino community that preferred Spanish resources for business literature and assistance, Armando decided to take action.

In 2011, he officially established «Get in Motion Entrepreneurs» and began offering his expertise to fellow entrepreneurs within the Latino community. The first event, held at Heritage Palms in Indio, CA, attracted 135 people and marked the modest beginnings of this venture as a Sole Proprietor business.

As time went on, Get in Motion Entrepreneurs forged partnerships with local organizations, including SCORE, SBDC, CVEP, SBM, CVWBC and Chambers of Commerce among others, to conduct events in Spanish, further expanding its reach and impact within the community.

By 2015, the first Mixer Latino event was successfully held, facilitating greater networking opportunities for Latino entrepreneurs.  In 2017, the Executive Director pursued further education in «Nonprofit Management» at UCR Palm Desert Campus, signaling a shift towards a nonprofit model. The Mixer Latino event continued to flourish, attracting an impressive attendance of 300 people at Spotlight 29 Casino.

The transition to a nonprofit status was finalized in 2017, officially designating Get in Motion Entrepreneurs as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization. This pivotal step allowed the organization to expand its services and make an even greater impact within the Latino Business Community.

At this time we were delivering workshops every month at UCR Palm Desert Cities and other locations in Coachella Valley with an average of 75 attendees, looking for guidance and resources for their ventures.

In 2018, the Executive Director took their commitment to excellence a step further by obtaining a certificate in «Advanced Nonprofit Management» from UCR Palm Desert Campus.

The following year, in 2019, Get in Motion Entrepreneurs continued its outreach efforts, hosting a successful Spanish Seminar titled «How to Start a Home-Based Food Business,» drawing over 230 attendees in a local Church in Coachella. 

negocios de comida coachella

The year 2020 marked a new chapter for Get in Motion Entrepreneurs with the addition of  new Board of Director members, who all brought their passion and dedication to advancing the organization’s mission. Then COVID-19 arrived in our lives putting at risk the organization’s future. Our bread and butter was in person seminars and now we were not able to present programs. We have had 2 years of hard times looking for new ways to support and impact our community.  

In 2022, we took a significant leap forward and introduced our Spanish Business Podcast, «Podcast de Negocios en Español.» Embracing the digital era, we transitioned all our efforts online, making it our mission to stream weekly episodes catered to aspiring Entrepreneurs.

As part of our commitment to supporting the Latino community, we forged valuable partnerships with the Caravanserai Project and Uplift San Bernardino. Together, we worked to promote SEED 2.0, a comprehensive business training program specifically designed for Latinos. This empowering initiative offers an 8-module curriculum, equipping recipients with essential skills to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

podcast de negocios coachella

A standout feature of SEED 2.0 is the potential for entrepreneurs to receive substantial financial support. With subsidies of up to $7,500 available for their businesses, we aimed to break down financial barriers and foster growth within the community.

The response has been remarkable, with over 100 enthusiastic entrepreneurs already benefiting from the SEED 2.0 program. Looking ahead, we are excited to witness the continued success and growth of this initiative, as we anticipate reaching an impressive milestone of 200 program graduates by the year 2024.

By Summer 2023, we surpassed the 225,000 downloads since our Podcast launched, averaging 10,000 downloads per month.   

From its humble beginnings as a struggling entrepreneur’s vision, Get in Motion Entrepreneurs had grown into a thriving nonprofit that passionately served, understood, and engaged with the Latino Business Community, empowering countless individuals to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

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Get in Motion Entrepreneurs
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Contact: Armando Ehrenzweig, Executive Director
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