Eduardo Figueroa is a bilingual trainer and facilitator that has over 20 years’ experience helping his clients to create a more productive work environment with fewer conflicts, less gossip and better efficiency on the use of resources, which lead to a more profitable operation in the companies.

He achieves this by developing effective supervisors and high-performance Hispanic leaders.
Eduardo created several on-site development training programs and two online video courses in Spanish. Visit my website to learn more:

Spanish-speaking supervisors and managers learn effective leadership skills to achieve their goals without mistakes by gaining the collaboration of their team.

Hispanic attendees to the on-site or online training classes become more pro-active in solving problems and conflicts, and transformational leaders.

An array of well-known corporations has hired Eduardo for employee training, where he has conducted over 350 classes, workshops and seminars on topics such as self-empowerment, leadership, management, communication, teambuilding, embracing and leading change, conflict resolution, sexual harassment avoidance, sales, customer service, process improvement and other subjects for entrepreneurs and small business owners, both in USA and Mexico.

With experience in many facets of the industries (manufacturing, construction, agriculture, restaurants, insurance, real estate and telemarketing companies) in the USA and Mexico.

He believes that people learn better from a bilingual, bicultural individual. He has specifically adapted his materials, exercises and stories for his Latino audience.

His teaching style is practical and useful to participants in both their work and in their personal life. Mr Figueroa likes to include motivation and self-esteem games and exercises in his training; he also works with participants on several self-analysis exercises exploring attitude, communication, leadership and other important qualities. 

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