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Thank you for joining us and helping ignite a national call to action to acknowledge, support and empower the Latino-owned business community with the launch of Support Latino Business Day.

On September 14, 2019, our network of diverse partners, innovative business leaders, community organizations, elected officials and more will help launch the Support Latino Business Day movement recognizing and celebrating the significant contributions Latino-owned businesses have made to our nation’s economy and beyond.

Together, we will create a new narrative focused on the positive contributions, stories, and

achievements of our country’s diverse make-up starting. With your support, we will help uplift an informed, empowered, and emboldened community that recognizes its value and has a permanent resource for true access and opportunity!

Below please find a list of ways you can support the Support Latino Business initiative. Throughout this toolkit, we have shared templates for your use and modification.


Help ignite the Support Latino Business Day movement on social media! Please be sure to use the Support Latino Business Day handles and hashtags to help us track our collective efforts. 

Twitter: @ShopLatinoUS

Facebook: /SupportLatinoBiz

Instagram: @ShopLatinoUS

Hashtag: #SupportLatinoBiz #ShopLatino

You can download graphics/logos HERE.

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