Recognition of the City of Indio for Get in Motion Entrepreneurs


Hello friends, I feel very happy and humble in a recognition that the city of Indio has just given us. Lupe Ramos and Glenn Miller were the people in charge of making the delivery today, Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at the City Hall of Indio.


It was very emotional for me. We started in 2011 and we continue for those that you believe in the value of the conferences that we bring to you. My wife Angelina accompanies me to this recognition which means a lot to all of us who have attended at least one event.

My wife Angelina and I are very honored for this recognition. 


We look forward to serving you for many years in the beautiful Latino business community in the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas.


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Greetings and see you soon champions!


Armando Ehrenzweig

Executive Director

Get moving Entrepreneurs


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