The visit of Carlos Marquez was INCREDIBLE

Ponte las Pilas, in UCR Palm Desert Campus

Full of entrepreneurs who came from Los Angeles, Phoenix and the entire Coachella Valley. Thank you very much Carlos for sharing and giving to the Latin Business community around the world! Visit his page

Get in Motion Entrepreneurs, Palm Desert, California, February 15, 2018

Incredible the visit of Carlos Márquez in Palm Desert, California. Dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs came from all over from Phoenix to Los Angeles and several cities in the Coachella Valley. For almost three hours the audience was at the edge of his chair, everything that the speaker, Carlos Márquez, does not know about what he thinks, the businesses of the Latinos and the opportunities that we have, nowadays, for the development, new business to enter the world. World of internet to the world of social media to the new digital age of doing business in your place in any part of the world doing what you like.

We shared the principles of those who will treat your next book to help you and work and do not go guessing or hitting knowing that there is a lot of hard work to do and that will bring your rewards.


  • Be authentic
  • Listen and understand people
  • They encourage people
  • Be reciprocal with everyone


Being comfortable is not going to get you to good places how comfortable it kills. Learn to make changes in your life to evolve every day. It is very simple if you do not have clients because your message is incorrect adjust it and move forward.


And we were more satisfied and happy with the visit of this champion that we really like the pile to the fullest to carry out our projects wherever this is our sea.

1000 Thank you Carlos Márquez for the time of coming to share your knowledge and experience with the business community in the Coachella Valley God bless you.

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