Armando Ehrenzweig

Fundador de Get in Motion! Entrepreneurs

Armando Ehrenzweig is the Founder / CEO of Get in Motion!, A company dedicated to creating events that help both businesses and entrepreneurs to start, maintain and expand their businesses. You can say that he likes to support all those people to carry out their goals so that they can realize their dreams and once they obtain the lifestyle they have always wanted. Bring training and motivation workshops and seminars to you to find the tools your business needs. Armando Ehrenzweig graduated from the university in the career of Industrial Design, with a specialty in Computer Systems. One of his last certifications is on Life Coach for business. He has been a designer in construction companies and advertising and printing offices. In addition to being in charge of your events company you also have Internet business to host and design websites. He was an events consultant for CVEP Coachella Valley Economic Partnership and a Business Mentor for the SBDC Small Business Development Center in Coachella Valley, where free consulting is offered to business owners.

  • Entrepreneur 100%
  • Coach 100%
  • Event planning 100%
  • Digital Marketing 100%
Armando Ehrenzweig

Armando Ehrenzweig


Get in Motion Entrepreneurs

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