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Your Website for less than one hour

with Armando Ehrenzweig

We make your life easy. With an investment of $ 12, have your website ready in less than an hour. A simple course for beginners.

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Date Saturday, February 24, 2018
Hour 11am, Pacific Time, California USA
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Instructor: Armando Ehrenzweig

Nowadays many people still do not have their website and they have one or more businesses. Depending on how old you are and you will see things differently than those who are older or younger than you. It depends a lot on the contact you have had with technology when you were a child, when you were a teenager, when you were an adult, and especially now that you have a business now.

Maybe it’s a person who uses a lot of advertising and a lot of tools and is enjoying the new customers that come through all those platforms.
But maybe you’re one of those people who have several years with your business and there was very little technology, and free electronics and your personal Facebook or Instagram account.

So, what can be done if you want to launch a new online campaign to start having what they call that online presence so that new customers know about your products or services. Well, look at the road, it’s a long-term marathon. Sierra mind, you want to have a presence in social networks on the internet so that many people find you and buy your products or hire your services.
If you’ve never done any of this, this may be a bit of a smoker at first, but if you keep doing it constantly, you’ll see what you’re going to find that it’s not that hard to do, or you’ll just discover that it was not that difficult to hire a person. or it was not so expensive to pay someone to do it for you whether you have it as an employee in your business or as a contractor to an agency in your business.

But well let’s put it simple and today begins one thing at a time something I have discovered is that it is very difficult to give people many tools at once and it is also bad to demand much is good to see the examples of people who have not already achieved but at the same time you have to put the things at hand simple short because otherwise they will not do them.

How business owners have the evil of wanting to do everything over and over again the thing is that we do it well The downside is that it limits us to do only a few things or perhaps to do many things at an intermediate level without Excellence because the time is running out and the day only has 24 hours for everyone. But what I assure you is that if you every day are consistently putting something about your business online either on your website a social network the results will be coming. Obviously if you do this sporadically or from time to time it will not work so you are in 50 social networks and have 10 websites and only feed them from time to time you will not get the results you are looking for and also people will not find in you what they seek.

So I invite you to what do you create your new website and start promoting it to Como Puedas it does not matter if you do it right or you do it wrong The important thing is that you keep doing it is constancy and you will see how every time everything goes better so I invite you to take it is to finish your website in an hour for you to take action here The important thing is that you Mission and see success results champion.

 Good morning, Armando Ehrenzweig

Armando Ehrenzweig

Armando Ehrenzweig


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