About Get in Motion Entrepreneurs

Get in Motion Entrepreneurs is a regional 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to educate and provide business tools and resources for the development of entrepreneurs and small business owners in the greater Coachella Valley region. With years of experience in education and outreach particularly with the Latino community, we work with highly underserved small business populations.

Why we support support Small Businesses

Entrepreneurship continues to be a gateway for wealth generation in our nation. With small businesses employing nearly half of the workforce, and making up our largest sector of job creators—we still see areas that lack access to information on starting or growing a small business.

We want to continue our teams endeavor to extend the reach of the Spanish Business Seminars that have been very well received in the Coachella Valley and surrounding rural areas. The Seminars have been applauded by local organizations and our current official leaders such as our Assemblyman, Congressman, Senator and Supervisor. The program leads to the creation and development of Businesses that enrich not only the Economic Development but also the entrepreneurial Spirit in the Latino families.

The focus in Spanish programing has been effective and by continuing to nurture the region with education and guidance for business, we will be providing business owners that extra boost that will keep them thriving to succeed in this economy.
Our Entrepreneurship Model
Our program has encompassed three areas of entrepreneurship: Starting a Small Business, Technology, and Access to Capital.

Our training brings together thousands of Hispanic business owners, Hispanic leaders and strategic community organizations and media partners from across the Coachella Valley, offering the opportunity to establish strategic, long-lasting business partnerships through dialogue, matchmaking, networking and learning. Our reach is 30,000 households every month through our multi-media platform marketing initiatives. 

Our mission:

Eliminate Poverty in the Latino Communities


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