We wanted to do everything ourselves

Hi, my name is Chris Angulo with C&S Patio Covers. We established our business in June 2015. I remember that when we started, we wanted to do everything ourselves. We went from not knowing that we’re going to have something to do the following day. We just went on a daily basis. Maybe we were building a patio cover today. Tomorrow we were advertising. It was just something – we couldn’t predict anything. We had nothing set.


First, you think about, “I don’t have the money. I don’t want to spend that. I prefer to keep it in my pocket.” And just try to do everything on yourself because you don’t want to spend that extra money. You think you can actually do everything. You can – we thought we could build patio covers on our own, get home and do the accounting, separate our receipts, do the marketing, knock on doors, order materials, acquire our business licenses, acquire our insurances, work with the auditors when it came time for auditors.


So all these we thought we could do ourselves until there’s a point where you realized you can’t do it all. Right now, we can schedule jobs and know what we’re doing from anywhere between a month and three months in advanced. What are you going to do after those two or three months’ worth of jobs? You could sell nothing for a week or two because your focus isn’t on how to make your company better and then you get ten contracts in two days.


It’s still good to go and get mentored by organizations and mixers. Just get involved in the community. That’s going to help you a lot. When you realized and you understand that you have to let those things go, your company will grow. You will have more time in your hands to do your sales, do what you know how to do best and let the accountant do the accounting part. Let your marketing company do what they know how to do best and you stick to what you know how to do best.


That’s the way you’re going to provide the quality to your customers that they are looking for. These little things that you keep doing on a regular basis are going to open you these doors and just don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to reach out. If they close you one door, ten more are going to open. So just keep going. Keep going to these organizations. Keep shaking hands of new people and you will grow.


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