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Agape Salon and Spa

Ismael: And we’ve been in business for four years. We opened in October of ’13. So back in 2013, I saw my wife wasn’t coming home to work anymore happy. So one day, I decided to change it and we opened this place. I got this and we are here with our happy team and a lot of hard work. And tell you what, it’s not easy but it’s really worth it.


Ana: The culture of our salon here is caring and giving. We have done haircuts for churches to raise money to go on – the kids to go on a youth group. We always inform our guests to help us. So these 45 kids, we all chose two or more names and then our guest would get two tickets or four tickets and it’s one wish for a child that lives at Olive Crest.


We try to help out in our community as much as we can. One of the main things that I feel has gotten us to where we are now is education. We continually go whether it’s business classes, hairstyling classes, QuickBooks classes. There is a bunch of stuff that’s free for business owners to help you grow and succeed.


And one of the things we would go to is Armando’s classes of Get in Motion!. And my husband started to go there first and I just noticed the change in his confidence in making decisions because he learned about credit, he learned about QuickBooks. So, we are always engage with the community.

Ismael: When we take classes, it’s just makes our job a lot easier because you know already what you’re going to do like, “Oh, I got it.” It gives you an idea. So I always encourage you to take classes because they just make your job easier. And most of the time, the classes are free.


The city or your local chamber commerce, they have several classes that serve local non-profit organizations for business startups. And all those classes are great. They give you financial assistance, financial help. They help you out with the credit – sorry, with the business plan.


Armando’s Get in Motion! classes, that’s where I went crazy after that.


Ana: And sometimes they wouldn’t even relate to our field, to hairstylist or hairstyling salon but we would still go because we would learn techniques that other people were doing to grow their business.


Ismael: Yeah. And so, we would just use the same thing. But adapt it to our business style. Plus you get to meet other business owners that are also learning. You got to take a lot of classes. You got to read some notes. You got to know what you’re getting into. You can’t just join and drive your car and just drive and get home. No. You got to know what you’re getting into or at least hire someone to help you get to your point, to your end result and then you go from there.


Ana: You need to take care of the people that work for you to make sure that they’re happy and to make sure that they know that you care for them and then they’ll stay. They’ll stay long. And then you’ll get great people.


And thank you so much for watching our journey and if you guys have any questions, visit our website or go on our social media, Agape Salon & Spa. Thank you.


Ismael: Bye guys.

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