Nonprofit Leadership, Governance at the Work of the Board (David O. Renz)

The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management, David O. Renz and Associates, Editor

After reading this chapter, I feel a lot better. I was sabotaging myself and the organization. I did realize that the value of what I do and what the organization are doing is invaluable. There is good people willing to help. They have always been there. We are the ones changing to have a better sight.


Now, governance in a nonprofit is so critical. This chapter is great because I am confirming my beliefs of what I do. The reason why I have been suffering: My lack of knowledge of Nonprofits. My ignorance  was taking me down one at the time. I was suddenly all mentally tired and bored. I was thinking too much. And I was feeling just ok.


Now I see what I do with a different perspective. It is the same situation but I see things in a different way. I now see the weakness as opportunities. I finally have a volunteer that enjoys giving time for the mission of the nonprofit. The person truly believes on what we do and believes that this is a great place to volunteer.


Being a volunteer as a Board Member is double rewards. On one hand, you are serving the community, your community by sharing your time, knowledge and leadership. Secondly, it comes with responsibilities and commitments. It is not just about the mission but also the role of the member and its impact. There is no way to keep order and maintain the leadership without responsibilities and commitments.


So, on one hand you will have the opportunity to enjoy your time as volunteers. On the other hand, you are giving yourself legal responsibilities that will take time out your life and you are making commitments that will require your time and money.


I loved the emphasis of the chapter about the 8 core principles of an effective board: Organize, Attract, Prepares, Helps, Focus, Engages, Employs and Evaluate and Develop. The chapter gives the guide to have a high performing board of directors. This information is arriving at the best moment. I know I needed to add new board members to the organization and I know I needed a plan but still I didn’t know where and how to start. Well, now I have and idea of how I am going to take care of my existing and new board members. Let’s make them the starts of the show.


I notice how this information is great not only for new and small nonprofits but also is great for existing experienced board directors to keep developing themselves. We all need each other, new board members and old board members. It is my responsibility and need  as the founder of the organization to make sure the board members coexist in a healthy and productive environment and mindset. We need to create the volunteer time in memorable days were they not on enjoy being part of a mission but also they improve their lives at home and at work. We respect and appreciate everyone’s time and knowledge. We need to recognize constantly our board members and make sure we all are engaged.



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