A Successful Workshop: 7 Steps to Start Your Home or Office Business in Mecca, CA

Last Thursday, August 24, we had the visit of Coach Manuel Martínez in the workshop, which was a great success. Incredible, the attendees filled the place, they started arriving at 4 pm one after another and by 5 pm we already have the place full.

7 Steps to Start a Home or Office Business

The 4 Ways to Make Money
The Three Types Of Business
The Business Plan
The Legal Entities
Necessary Licenses
Financing Available
The education

The Photos

We had the Riverside County visit, they were sharing the benefits and the process of getting the fictitious name for your business a process that really takes minutes to do and you can do it in the city of Palm Desert, all the attendees loved the presentation . Later we had Anayeli from the office of supervisor Víctor Manuel Pérez to share the services they offer and that have their doors open for small businesses. Then coach Manuel Martínez started his presentation and then Wow! The 7 steps to start your home or office business, an ideal business seminar not only for people who just open their first business but also for people who already have their business and who think about opening a business. The audience impressed everyone with so many questions they had throughout the workshop. Everyone sharing their desire to have a business make it big. Just want to leave a mark and be an example for the community, all of them are committed to attend the following workshops we will have at Get In Motion! The workshops we will have in the organization in the following months in October in November and we also have other surprise events that soon we will be sharing.

For my part, Armando, I share that I was very happy to see so many people in the city of Mecca. The city of Mecca is a rural town east of the Coachella Valley and I believe that all people have the opportunity to grow big to have a business and to do it in the way that we all agree. A family that has their business is a family that has possibilities to thrive and to contribute a lot to their community a healthy community a community that is educated can improve in a few years that is one of my beliefs and that is why I like to do these seminars Business each month to the Latino business community residing in the Coachella Valley once again told them that attendees had hundreds and hundreds of questions. Well the truth is that they participated a lot and they stayed talking a lot. We also had Vincent McCoy’s visit to the Inland Empire small business development. Vincent also shared many things among them how they are loans, how can people prepared for taxes during the break had the opportunity to talk to several of them and clarify many of their doubts among the things asked us the attendees was receiving Consultancy and therefore we are planning to be able to offer you that services very soon to all of you once again I am very happy for all this support as received in the last months to bring you these workshops in Get in Motion! Education continues for your business. So visit our website www.getinmotion.org so that you are aware of the new workshops that we will have. A thousand thanks once again to all the collaborators who make these events possible and also before I forget it. Many thanks to the boys and girls club for opening their doors to be able to bring them this workshop we were very pleased with the people who provided us The locality in the soothes in this city of Mecca.

I want to mention and acknowledge the tremendous support that Telemundo 15 Palm Springs, The Powerful 96.7FM, Inland Empire SBDC, USDA Coachella Valley and the cadad event volunteers.

Thank you very much and I know that I will see you soon and wish you all success for your business and your personal projects. Sincerely Armando Ehrenzweig, Get in Motion! Entrepreneurs

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