Hispanic E-Commerce on Facebook

In this era of technology and globalization, where the world has become a global village, almost everyone has access to social media networks and the most common one is Facebook. Also, the trend of E-Commerce is increasing day by day as people are busy in their daily routines and they prefer to shop their favorite items just on the distance of a few clicks.

When it comes to marketing Hispanics, Facebook has taken a step forward and has introduced collection ad unit for the marketers and buyers belonging to Hispanics. By the way, check the annual Latino Mixer in Palm Springs here Mixer Latino Spring 2018. And more business events in Spanish here at Get in Motion Entrepreneurs Calendar.

Hispanics prefer to shop online as compared to other nations in many categories, for example, cosmetics, household products, etc.

Lee Vann, who is a chief Strategy officer in Captura Group explained about Hispanic E-Commerce on Facebook. He wrote:

“Last month, we opined on Amazon’s rollout of their Spanish-language e-commerce site, and the massive opportunity it represents for brands trying to reach Hispanic consumers. A recent announcement by Facebook opens yet another opportunity for marketers to sell directly to the nation’s largest minority via e-commerce.

Enter Facebook’s Collection Ad

Facebook quietly began unveiling a new immersive ad unit called Collection in late March, to the delight of marketers focused on e-commerce. The mobile-only ad unit pairs a video, image, or slideshow with up to four products that are prominently featured below the ad. When a consumer clicks on the products they’re taken to an instantly loaded full-screen catalog of up to 50 products without ever leaving Facebook. If a product is clicked on from the catalog, the consumer is redirected to the corresponding product page on the brand’s website or app.

The Collection ad unit provides marketers with an immersive way to show products in action, or build a story around a category of products, while also providing a seamless way to buy via mobile.”

Hence, collection ad unit is a great feature introduced by Facebook as it helps the marketers to increase the number of prospective customers belonging to Spain. In this way, Facebook has played a great role in Marketing Hispanics.

Hispanics usually love to spend their time in Facebook and so this collection ad feature is even great from Hispanic buyers’ perspective.

Lee Vann further explained it by referring to a study as:

“We know Hispanics shop, we know they shop online, and we know that they love to use Facebook on their mobile phones. A 2016 study by IRI stated, “Hispanic shoppers are disproportionately prominent in two of the most active online shopping segments, e-shopping enthusiasts, and review seekers.” Pair this with the fact that there are nearly 30 million Hispanics on Facebook, of which 74% browse exclusively on their mobile phones, and a clear opportunity arises for marketers to sell directly to Hispanics in an efficient and immersive way.”

To know more about the importance of marketing Hispanics through Facebook, Read More here….

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