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Entrepreneurship is a courageous act taken by many Latinos to improve their financial situation. 

Many business owners wonder: Will I succeed? Will I achieve financial security? As you know, Get In Motion Entrepreneurs tries to reduce their fear and stress by providing free business seminars so Latinos may secure their financial future.

Imagine receiving a letter like this one:

“As a second generation American, I am the first in my family to start 

a business and continually grow my income. Thank you for providing the 

experts and information so that I may grow my business and care for my family.”

Stories like this are why I created Get In Motion Entrepreneurs as a non-profit charity. Just like other entrepreneurs, Latinos are hardworking, contributing members to our economy. And, like all entrepreneurs, they need access to high-quality, low-cost business information. 

Every year, we put on free live and online seminars that have an average of 50 Latino business people attending. In 2020 we will deliver 12 free events and expect to have more than 1,000 Latino participants striving to achieve or sustain success. 

Your financial support of Get In Motion Entrepreneurs allows us to provide additional seminars to more Latino business owners than ever. Please make your tax-deductible gift online by clicking on the link to our website:

Get in Motion Entrepreneurs Donation Page

Your contribution improves the lives of Latino entrepreneurs, business owners, and their families throughout the Coachella Valley. 

Your gift also develops the talents of Latinos in our community, and makes possible more letters like this, from a father to his son:

“You are the first successful business person in our family. You are my American dream.”


Armando Ehrenzweig
Executive Director
Get in Motion Entrepreneurs

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