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New Era

In the last 10 years, we have lived more changes than in the previous 100 years. Technology keeps improving in all areas and we are having a hard time to keep ourselves up to date. All gadgets have a short lifetime and they need to be replaced by new ones.

When it comes to marketing for a business or for a nonprofit, things are constantly changing. We now have new devices capable to run applications we never had before. People are constantly engaged with their phones consuming and creating all kinds of content for all ages and all demographics.

10 years ago all you needed was a good website to be competitive online. The game has changed. The the real challenge is that many times we do not even know what is new our there.

If you are not part of a marketing team,  if you’re not a business owner, an entrepreneur or executive of a Nonprofit, you probably are not much worried about the constant changes in digital marketing.

As consumers, things keep getting easier for everyone. Telephones as faster and more capable of doing new things. They are our agendas and entertainment center in a pocket. Either you are in a mobile, a tablet or in the computer, programs, software, and hardware are more and more user-friendly and we rely more and more on such devices.

New Challenges

As innovation comes, so do change or vice versa. The point is that whatever we know now can be obsolete in a few years when it comes to software or hardware.

As business owners or executives we know that the only way to survive in business in by constantly bringing new customers to our business or organization. In business nothing is static. One day you own the market the next season you have competitors.

  • Firms with less than 20 workers made up 89.4 percent of businesses. Add in the number of nonemployer businesses – there were 24.3 million in 2015 – then the share of U.S. businesses with less than 20 workers increases to 97.9 percent.

So, most business owners are Small Business or Entrepreneurs. Over 97%. And all of them need to sell their products and services.


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