Dónde está el dinero?

Intended Audience

This class is an eye-opener for me as Executive Director. Developing a Strategy Communications plan can be a game changer for the organization.

I remember at the beginning of the organization, back in 2011, my only concern was to get people to attend the Spanish workshops. I thought I only needed people to fill out the room and everything else will fall in place by inertia.

What a misunderstanding on my part about the nonprofit industry. At first was resistant about becoming or taking the 501(c)(3) nonprofit model.  The truth was that I did not know much about nonprofits.

So years go by and the events start getting full. From workshops with no people at all. The intended audience then started to show up. In increments of 1 or 2 more people each show. We finally got an average of 75 people per workshop every month.  I remember having great feedback from the attendees, the facilitators, and some other people.

Event with 90 people: https://getinmotion.org/carlos-marquez


What is going on

In 2017 we officially adopted the Nonprofit status by the IRS. I was all by myself. With the help of the casual and informal support of various volunteers, I was able to handle the events but there was something missing: El Dinero.

There was no income. We were lucky in 2016 to get a contract that helped us to survive another year but the truth was that the money was exhausting and still no other money was coming in.

We had the “recognition” among entrepreneurs and business owners. They loved the events but the “free” workshops model was not making any income. We were not attracting “investors”. Now I know that such investors are properly called: Founders, Grantmakers and Donors among others names.

I remember myself doing some efforts so get Sponsorships for the events. No results, except frustration. I paid professionals to train me on Sponsorships and I was not able to get any.

The Wealthy Bag Lady, Sponsorship programs: http://www.wealthybaglady.com

The change

After kind of crying, I rolled up my sleeves and remembered that I was not quitting. I needed to learn how to get the money. So, I have been a decent reader for the last years. So I had skills for events, online marketing and a magnetic personality and a great smile but still that was not enough. So, along comes RAP/CNA with their Nonprofit Management Certification.

Let me make the story short, after 2 years of studying about nonprofits, now I kind of get it. This class Strategic Communications is something totally new for me. I see Strategic communication is a methodology to make your organization well know and well sustained. The class book starts with the Intended Audience, and I, We as nonprofits, are a perfect fit.

Now, after getting myself educated, I see what is the road to follow to find the money but there is more, the Strategic Communications has the ultimate goal to keep the whole organization, stakeholders, and all audiences aware of what is going on with the organization and their programs for the community.

All other departments such as Financing, Human Resources, Marketing, etc need to have a clear and effective Strategic Plan in order to coexisting with others departments in the organization.


The Seven steps mentioned in the book are crucial for an effective and positive Strategic Communications results: (Chapter I, Strategic Organizations for Nonprofit)

  1. Preparing the Plan
  2. Foundation of the Plan
  3. Focusing the Plan
  4. Fostering Audience Support
  5. Promoting the Nonprofit Organization
  6. Advancing the Plan
  7. Ensuring that the Plan succeeds

All that sounds like a lot of work but the reality is totally different. Without an effective Strategic Plan, all other departments will struggle to accomplish their individual goals and the group goals will also be affected, such as the mission.

It takes Leadership and a Team to Lead to fulfil missions. My vision was so narrow a few years back. Now I see a lot more. I also see bigger goals. I need to keep learning the nonprofit Game, its rules, its field game, its players. I was missing the money players. Now I have a better understanding of the diversity of audiences we are surrounded by.


La Mision

Eliminar la pobreza en las comunidades Latino ayudandoles a crear negocios para sustentar a sus familias y tener comunidades ejemplares.

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