Changing Context of Nonprofit Leadership and Management

Summary: Changing Context of Nonprofit Leadership and Management (Lester M. Salamon)

When I was reading this chapter, it made me realize that it was not only me changing, the whole nonprofit industry in changing along with world changes in every generation. Despite the rapid changes that we experiment in our ordinary lives, we cannot forget history. It is there and if we take the time to study it and do the proper research work, we will find knowledge to inspire and execute the new ideas that are emerging in the nonprofit world.


I now realize that it does not matter if you were not “born” in the nonprofit field. We can develop new skills as we can learn new careers in our lives. I was shocked for a couple years when I started to learn about nonprofits. When I believed I was ready for the next thing and do a quantum jump in my life, that when I realized that I needed to start it again.


There was nothing wrong with the skills I had developed, the problem is that it was not enough to make a significant change in the community.


So, somehow this gives me a relief. The constant change in the nonprofit community creates new challenges and opportunities for everyone around it: New Nonprofits, Founders, Grantmakers, Community, Government, in fact all Stakeholders.


I now understand that I am not behind neither ahead, I am just developing myself and the developing the organization. So many changes happen every 10 years: 2 presidents, a new generation, new technology, new laws, fiscal changes, new competition, etc.


All these change and evolution also brings new opportunities for those who can see it and are willing to pay the price and invest on education and have patience. I really do not know how to compare this time with the past. I only understand that all generations have their unique mark in society. So, I do not know if we have more advantages than disadvantages, I just know that this is the only time I was given to make a change, to make a mark to live. Ahead of us are the new philanthropy, government spend growth, new visioners, new policies, and new generation with innovative thinking.


I can see now the collision between millenials and baby boomers, and generation X. Those willing to grow their organization have a lot to prove to the society. Lots of awful things have happened in the nonprofit sector. It is about the whole nonprofit spectrum. More and more people are involved in this industry. We have more nonprofits that ever. So, new challenges will constantly emerge.

It is clear to me that it becoming more complicated for managers and executives to top perform. Many nonprofits remain small and they are in disadvantage. Good news is that we all have space to grow if we do what need to be done.

America needs and wants the service of the nonprofit. There is a lot to learn to properly adapt to the mentioned changes. Once we are prepared, we can seize the opportunities for those who are ready to fulfill their missions.  Everything is changing in the nonprofit world. Lets keep preparing ourselves for the preservation of the nonprofits.

Changing Context of Nonprofit Leadership and Management (Lester M. Salamon)


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