One day Carlos Marquez at UCR Palm Desert Campus. Give hard and put the batteries. This short video of less than 15 minutes will show you the activities of champion Carlos and his visit to Get in Motion in the Coachella Valley.

Carlos Márquez

The new era of commerce has allowed us to amplify our message

It is what he has allowed us to do. But if your message right now is not attracting money, no matter how much you amplify it, you will not generate more. So what is the option? Well, it’s four o’clock and something in the morning, well and yes, well, we’re on our way to Univisión to talk about finance. So I hope you will join me during my day today, I promised you on Facebook that I went to document, so we’re going because I’m already driving. (Vehicle sound)

Good morning, we finished the first quarter here on Univision, which means saving money for children. Later we talk about how to structure, what is good for you to form your own business.
– Your public image will raise the cost of your product, because perception is reality not reality. Now, I can not help but have good things, sometimes I have “that my son knows about social networks”. My God, I do not know if I’m going, not because this is a science, it’s not like knowing about Facebook, it’s not like I know about Instagram. There is a science, or as everyone already wants to make investments (intelligible) right? No, it’s not like that, but it’s not like that, or if everything is world, it wants to do caria. There is a science in this, they make it look easy, but there is a science. You have to give, what do your photos rob you? Good thing, because look, today there are no owners of anything, on the internet we do not own absolutely anything.

When you are beginning to understand yourself, what is the reason? What is it that causes our product to have a higher value? Image, is when you show the accounts of my chelada, is the one that costs more, because it is the one that knows the same, it is the same thing. But why else cost more? For the image, the image sells But it is not necessary that the image that sells, is because the people who are attracting with that image, have a greater purchasing power or they value certain things more than others.

– How did you spend today?
– Excellent, we have learned a lot. We learned a lot?
We will take control of the whole restaurant, they want to listen to us or they do not want to listen to us, they will listen to us.
So you know, what are we going to order?
– Yes
– Perfect, now that Manuel comes, we are going to take our orders so that the food arrives, because with the empty stomach we will be more, there it comes, sometimes it comes.

A business, in a stage of wanting a partner, that is very normal. In that, the ideology is not that there are no partners, yes, if you want to generate quick money, sooner, partners is the way to do things. But not as much as owning to have a better partner to help you in something, not to take over your concept, or sea investments in your concept. I am not of the ideology that the partners are bad, that there are bad partners but the concept of the partners are good. Something that I discovered with my classmates, is that if I am going to associate with you it is because you are a man that brings something to the party that I need, so I always state against when people who are new are both , Because then on the road they do not support each other and they will reach the same level as the most chic, but they are in a second place. A duel of a business does not grow in your business above your staff, that’s like a block.

So, something that we all can, is also a partner in which, who is more valuable?
– The client
– Employee.
– Your employee, your employee is the most valuable person that exists, because if she is happy with me, are you happy with everyone? So that’s very important, with our partners. Who is the most important person in the relationship? She, and you have to treat her more like that. The content that is most in use in the next five years, is the audio content.
– Good.
– Podcasts, then is the content that is most valid will have and know why? Because we are so busy that we have time to watch the video, that is the future. That content is there forever, but it does not have a line or it just can not be agreed with a certain client, and you find all those who need to buy a product, but we have to mark one more line.

Do you think that you know which customer buys you the most? Then we have to start talking to that client alone.

And we recorded thanks to the team, to Jared Ramos, greetings to a digital edition, thanks to Dina Rodríguez for putting me to work all morning and thanks for the delicious food. Well, but we’re on our way to Indio California, this Indian will be in Indio, we’re going to Indio California today at the Ponte las Pilas conference. We are on our way to the piles and the new digital era, and we are going to talk about how social networks have to earn money, create content and also how

Welcome tonight, many thanks to Get In Motion for the invitation

Give an applause to them for inviting us and being here very happy, very happy to be able to accompany you this afternoon and tonight here in Indio, no, it is not Indian and I said it was Indian California But we are in … Palm Desert, almost, almost in Indian, right? so welcome. For me it is very nice to always share time with people who are of the same mentality.

How many of you have left a project halfway? And because?! Because you believed someone who never came to carry it out. The traditional business is dying, we know that; the fact of putting a store, a space or rent something, that was worth, yes?
We are in confidence, it was worth mother. But, I think we are living in a new era that allows us to sell internationally
So today the world of online works in an incredible way, I do not love online commerce, what happens is where the consumer’s attention is. So, today, the future is online, the product is the star, not you. Yes? There are different cases, there are different cases where maybe if you are a nutritionist, I even dare to say that you are not the star, what is the star? Your content, what comes out of your mouth, your advice, what you can give to the other person. So many times we want what is not within our reach, because what is within our reach requires effort and effort is what we do not want to do.

Today we have to understand that something has happened, the human being what he most desires is communication, is to be listened to, then today when authenticity is not felt, we do not buy. Then the consumer is very intelligent when you know that you are selling, and if they buy you, it is because he decided not because you cheated him. And it hits me “but how do I make it to sell more?” It is not about selling more, it is about being authentic in sharing a message, then the more authentic you are the more you will generate, everything is sold if you know who you are selling to. And while you do not take the time to interest yourself more in the person who is in front of you than in the portfolio, it’s going to go wrong. Go in the mirror and ask yourself who you have to convert to generate more money.

Many times for something to reach another client to another level something has to change; we, we have to change. Today the person who sells the most is the person who is respected as an expert in their industry.

– I am very proud because my daughter and my granddaughter already follow them all,
– Oh, well, the batteries have already been put in. What business do you have?
– Bakery.
– Oh, very good. Hello, Antonio, welcome.
– Thanks, excellent talk.
– Well, thank you very much for being here. I hope you support today’s talk on something.
– Of course.
– Here you are, thank you very much.
– Hi, how are you, Javier? Welcome, welcome.
– Thanks, thanks for the motivations you give us.
– Well then, scolded every day, my ulcer is altered but we are there. All with the desire that something sticks.
– Hello, how are you, Miriam? Welcome Miriam.
– Hi, how is this? What is the difference between selling products or services?
– There is not.
– There is no, or everything applies for the same.

– Absolutely, it is thinking about the consumer and knowing that people do not buy the product and the service; the people who buy are filling a need for something, people do not buy the perfume, buy how they feel with the perfume, people do not buy the services of a nutritionist because they want to eat less. We have to know why the consumer is acquiring our service, our product, is understanding it. Right now, what are you doing?

– I’m a graphic designer.
– Perfect, then What is your customer buying? The one you value the most
– Star-ups logos
– The star-ups?
– Yes, they are the most.

– You have to talk a lot about the saying, that if you do not know who you are selling your logo, I’ll give you an example; you make a logo and you do your relatives, your friends, do you like my logo? So if my mom does not like my logo for my nutrition company, I do not care because my mom is not the saying of my nutrition company. I think you can talk a lot because most graphic designers want the design to look nice and no, you have to talk, this is going to talk to the vegans, this is going to talk to those who like Jenny Rivera. Do I make myself clear? Then you have to talk a lot about that, you sell that, you sell the importance.

– Okay, but I do not necessarily grab that information.
– If written is easier, you have a written; Three steps to consider a logo and begin to document on your site in a blog, and start recording videos, many talk about success stories, that’s the best. Recently a family contracted me to make a logo for their aesthetics and they had this logo that was transformed into it. Let me explain why, ed

Business champion Carlos Maquez

He was visiting UCR Palm Desert with Get in Motion Entrepreneurs to give his talk Ponte las Pilas. You will also know what a day in the life of Carlos Marquez is. Hit the play, hit it hard! Well, so many things that Carlos Marquez has shared with us this day. Thank you very much for visiting Get in Motion Entrepreneurs. We hope to see you back very soon at UCR Palm Desert in the Coachella Valley. And to share the site in English click here Get Motion Entrepreneurs Success! #pontelaspilas #adelanteconcarlos #carlosmarquez #getinmotion.


Put the Batteries
Carlos Marquez
UCR Palm Desert Campus
75080 Frank Sinatra Dr, Palm Desert, CA
Thursday, February 15, 2018
6pm to 9pm
Online $ 10
Door $ 20

Get in Motion Entrepreneurs is proud to bring you the champion Carlos Marquez with his unique seminar “Pónte las Pilas”

Business Seminar with Carlos Marquez



Thurday, Febrero 15


6pm to 9pm


UCR Palm Desert Campus

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He is known as a business phenomenon that has created a variety of audio and video training guides.

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